"the lodges or how the lodges are run is completely different, each with its own charm"

Jos and Yvonne Wilmot

the lodges or how the lodges are run is completely different

The three game parks of Southern Tanzania

Jos and Yvonne Wilmot traveled to southern Tanzania and stayed for 17 days in three game reserves: the large and expansive  Katavoi NP  where only a limited number of visitors are allowed, rugged and untouched  Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve , Africa's largest game reserve. 

Thank you very much for everything you have arranged for us. We had a great holiday. All domestic flights were well organized as well as the lodges and the way in which we were met and brought to the various airports.

The parks are all completely different, and the lodges or how the lodges are run is also completely different. Each has its own charm, as far as we're concerned.

The bottle of Prosecco you arranged for us in Katavi was a great success. With great pleasure we drank it together with the 2 other guests and the manager couple Crystal and John. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for that, it made 9 November very special. The cake that the staff had made for Jos and which they all came to bring while singing made a deep impression.

We found Katuma Bush Lodge absolutely wonderful and highly recommended, the guide was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable man. Kwihala is also a top location in our opinion, partly because of the excellent guides you are assigned there. Tents are located at a considerable distance from each other, so you have a lot of privacy. I understand that they want to move the tents to a different location next year, so that the guests have a better view. Now you still look out on low bushes. Impala camp also has very good guides and is highly recommended, partly due to the construction of the camp and the enthusiasm of the staff. Very nice that in the evening you can see a genet kitten walking around and the necessary bush babies.

Thanks again, it was great!


Jos and Yvonne Wilmot