African Monarch Lodges

Discover a hidden natural paradise

African Monarch Lodges

Discover a hidden natural paradise

African Monarch Lodges

Overwhelming nature at dream location

Located in some of Namibia's most pristine wilderness areas are the African Monarch Lodges. Prepare for a stay where you will feel completely at one with the overwhelming nature around you. The lodges are all exceptionally beautifully located, whether on the banks of the Kwando river, in the heart of Bwabwata Nature Park or on a beautiful lagoon, you opt for a dream location with a view that you won't soon forget. Take a lovely bath as you dream away at the panoramic landscape unfolding before your eyes and discuss the day by the crackling campfire. Let yourself be enchanted by the splendour of this wetland paradise in Africa.

One of our favorites at African Monarch Lodges that you should definitely visit is:

Kazile Island Lodge

Stay on a private island on the banks of the Kwando River at Kazile Island Lodge. This paradise spot, the only lodge located in the Bwabwata National Park itself, is only accessible by boat. The ten tents offer stunning views of the Kwando River and the vast floodplains between the island and the well-known Horseshoe Bend. Spot herds of elephants, buffalo and with some luck even the elusive Sitatunga antelope during the impressive activities on offer.

Other lodges of African Monarch Lodges include:

  • Nambwa Tented Lodge, located on the banks of the Kwando River
  • Nambwa Lagoon Camp, located on the lagoon side of Nambwa Island, in the heart of KAZA

Tips & Tops African Monarch Lodges:

  • Successful collaboration with local leaders to jointly create sustainable communities. African Monarch Lodges hires, trains, trains and provides financial support to local communities
  • The vision of African Monarch Lodges is to protect the environment and the people and is therefore working closely with the World Wildlife Fund
  • All uniquely located lodges are located in the heart of the Kavango Zambezi Trans Frontier Conservation Area (KAZA)
  • Let yourself be carried by boat, on foot or by vehicle to the rhythm of African nature

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Photo's African Monarch Lodges

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African Monarch Lodges,Namibia,Babwata view
African Monarch Lodges,Nambwa Lagoon Camp
African Monarch Lodges,Nambwa Tented Camp tented suite
African Monarch Lodges,Nambwa Tented Camp with elephants
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