Uakari Floating Lodge

Small-scale floating lodge deep in the Amazon

Uakari Floating Lodge

Small-scale floating lodge deep in the Amazon

Uakari Floating Lodge

Small-scale floating eco-lodge

Uakari Floating Lodge is tucked deep in the Amazon, in the UNESCO-recognized Mamirauá Reserve. This is the largest protected flooded freshwater forest in the world, the most iconic of the Amazon's ecosystems.

Uakari Floating Lodge floats on the Rio Solimões River and consists of five comfortable bungalows with two rooms each. All ten rooms have en suite bathrooms and a veranda with stunning panoramic views of the river and forest.

The lodge has a central floating space with a small terrace, a natural swimming pool, a kitchen, a restaurant, a bar, a video room and a library. The lodge was originally intended as a research centre for scientists. With the construction, the aim is to have as little impact as possible in the natural environment. All facilities are sustainable. Solar energy is used, rain is collected and used and wastewater is treated before it goes back into the river. Even the tiles are ecological, made from recycled PET from plastic bottles. The lodge is managed by locals, who also act as a guide and receive visitors in their villages.

From the lodge you can visit the reserve of flooded rainforest. Take tours with the local guide, looking for the various monkey species that live here such as capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys and the so-called uakari's that the lodge is named after. You can easily recognize them by their red head and their long, brown hair. Mamirauá is also known for giant otters, hoatzins (stinky turkeys), sloths and tapirs. You'll also find freshwater dolphins, hoatzins, caimans and other wildlife.

Fish, chicken and seasonal fresh fruit

Uakari's menu consists of Brazilian and regional dishes. In the kitchen of the Amazon, fish and chicken are inescapable. With delicious fresh fruit after; Depending on the season, you can choose from açai, cupuaçu, sapodilla fruit, Camu Camu, araza, pineapple and passion fruit.

Tips & tops from Uakari Floating Lodge

  • One of the most beautiful places in the Amazon, right in the middle of Mamirauá Reserve
  • Only accessible by canoe from Tefé
  • Far from the inhabited world, one with nature; that's the luxury of the Uakari Floating Lodge!
  • Local communities are closely involved in the lodge activities which will benefit the protection of the nature reserve around the Uakari Lodge
  • Mamirauá has been declared a protected nature reserve by UNESCO
  • Sustainable

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