"A top safari, we can recommend it to everyone!"

Ann and Miet

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Ann and Miet experienced a top trip in June 2022 combining the highlights of both north and south Tanzania. Thus, they discovered the wildlife of Serengeti and Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, among others, and then traveled on with domestic flights to the wildlife-rich Ruaha and Selous.

Dear Jozef,

We have had a very successful Tanzania-trip behind us. Memories for life!
Lots of wildlife seen in Ngorongoro and Serengeti.

KatiKati camp charmed us most in the North. Sleeping in a tent, it remains special because of the sounds of the wild animals you get to hear at night.
Staff in Katikati were also incredibly friendly and obliging. The food was fine.
Our guide in the North we found rather stubborn but he knew his job. He really went out of his way to show us as much wildlife as possible anyway'
More than that, he made it a point of honor.

Kigali Ruaha we found top!
The camp has an incredibly peaceful and magical atmosphere. Here we completely unwinded after a rather busy week in the North.

Superb transparent tent where we could watch the animals undisturbed.
Directly across from our tent was a water pot, where the remaining water from our shower was cut into. A real drinking stop for the animals.
Manager Ken and our guide Mel are top notch people! But also the rest of Kenn's staff are treasures of people.
We had really lost our hearts there and left with pain in our hearts and a small tear.

In Kigali Ruaha we didn't spot much wildlife, but nature just won't let itself be forced. We decided to put our cameras aside and enjoy ourselves to the fullest.
In Selous, our guide was waiting for us at the airstrip. He told us that after the picnic and game drive he would take us to the Fly camp.
We were stunned because we didn't know we were going to do a Flycamp.
Or was this an idea of yours Jozef? Another super experience! We slept in a transparent tent so that we could easily spot the animals but also observe the thousands of stars in the sky.

We were welcomed at the edge of the river, next to a crackling fire and with a view of the many hippos and birds. Our table was set. Dinner by Candlelight, really like in the books.
We ate delicious food and slept super well under the watchful eye of the staff.
And our sweet and capable guide spared no effort to show us as much wildlife as possible.

A top safari, we can recommend it to everyone!

Kind regards, Ann and Miet

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