British Isles

Where nature and traditions come together

British Isles

Where nature and traditions come together

British Isles

Full of nature and traditions

The British Isles have something magical. They attract us because of their isolated location and give the feeling of being alone in the world, far away from all the daily hustle and bustle. The islands scattered across the UK are well worth exploring.

The Hebrides

When you arrive in the Hebrides you will discover that each island has its own character. In the Outer Hebrides you will experience a completely different world. The inhabitants attach great importance to tradition and a large part speaks Gaelic. Here you will find mysterious standing stones on the Isle of Lewis,discover the lunar landscape of Harris and kayak in the crystal clear waters around Barra. As you find whisky distilleries working in the Inner Hebrides on Islay, impressive sea eagles spot on Mull and marvel at the pristine beauty of Jura. One of our favourite islands is Isle of Skye with breathtaking views and its friendly population. Get to know the eventful history of the clans and visit some of the ancient ruins and castles.

Shetland Islands

Located between Scotland and Norway are the remote Shetland Islands. Pristine rugged coasts, shimmering fjords and heather-clad peatlands mingle with towering cliffs and monumental rock formations on the approximately 100 islands that make up this archipelago. Look for the unique cultural heritage on one of the 15 inhabited islands and step into a landscape that is nowhere else in the world.

Orkney Islands

The Orkney Islands have a strong identity due to their Norwegian influences, rich history and unique culture. Many traces from a bygone era can still be found, such as the mystical stone circle of Stone of Stennes and the ancient settlement of Skara Brae. Along the miles of coast you will see rugged cliffs, deep caves, but also beautiful white sandy beaches that are almost Caribbean. Orkney's fauna is special and can accommodate puffins, northern petrels and rare birds and is one of the busiest flight paths for migrating birds. The waters are home to sperm whales, dolphins, whales and other underwater creatures. The Northern Lights can also be seen here.

Isle of Man

In the Irish sea is Isle of Man. This island is blessed with rugged cliffs and beautiful bays. The hilly interior invites you to take long wanderings or explore by mountain bike. This island once belonged to the Vikings. There is therefore a lot of history from this time to be found in museums and archaeological excavations that are worth a sure visit. Also visit the nature reserve and bird observatory on the neighboring islet of Man. Several birds of prey find their habitat here.

Scilly Isles

The Scilly Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cornwall,consists of several islands with beautiful landscapes in a pleasantly mild climate. Because it never freezes you will find subtropical plants here that create an almost tropical atmosphere. A visit to Tresco Abbey Gardens should not be missed. In addition to beautiful beaches in dune-like areas, you will also find jagged coasts and beautiful lagoons. While walking you cross moors, farmland and forests. The mostly rocky islands are the habitat of many bird species such as puffins and stone crows and in the sea around the islands dolphins and seals swim. Nature has a protective status of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This island is a closely guarded secret.

Arran Island

Scotland's Arran Island is a destination far from the inhabited world. With its beautiful ever-changing coastline, secluded beaches, beautiful forests and inland with dramatic mountains, you can take days-long walking tours or simply enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Take a short walk to the mysterious Bronze Age stone circles or visit Brodic Castle with its stunning estate and collection of rhododendrons that are internationally known. If you are looking for more adventure, go sea kayaking, rock climbing or take a walk through the natural water stream (gorge walking). Stand at the top of Mount Goatfell and spot deer, red squirrels and golden eagles. On the coast you will find otters, seals or basking sharks. After all these activities, enjoy a plethora of delicious local dishes and sip a glass of whisky or Arran Gold during a cultural festival.

Channel islands

Guernsey, Jersey, Herm, Sark and Alderney make up the Channel Islands. Each island has its own identity and because of its location near France also many French influences. Thanks to the mild climate, subtropical plant species thrive. The beautiful coastline, French food culture and English politeness have a great appeal to travellers. All over the islands you will find beautiful landscapes that make the Channel Islands so popular for walking and cycling. See Moulin Huet Bay, so picturesque that it was captured by Renoir. Mysteries from prehistoric times can be found in Sark Henge, the counterpart of Stone Henge. Take a boat trip and discover whale and dolphin watching or go in search of puffins and other bird species.

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