‘Self drive Zimbabwe is ideal for the adventurous traveller’

Travel specialist Griet Daneels went by rental car to explore the lesser-known regions of Zimbabwe. She was blown away by everything this country has to offer.

‘Self drive Zimbabwe is ideal for the adventurous traveller’

After several unforgettable trips by flight transfers in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe I was looking forward to this adventure by 4×4 powered car. A self-drive gives you the freedom to determine your own rhythm. You will see the landscape around you change, sniff the local atmosphere and have many chance encounters with local residents, for example during a visit to the local (super)market. This kind of thing gives color and meaning to your journey.

Matobo Hills National Park

In addition, it would be an adventure where nature, wildlife, landscapes and culture merge.
Matobo Hills National Park
alone makes for a breathtaking mix. Beautiful sunrises, delicious sundowners, authentic accommodations with stunning views, heaps of dassies, challenging mountain bike trails and hikes, petroglyphs, culture and unforgettable rhino tracking.

Hunger for the unknown

Another element that has made this my personal favorite is my hunger for the unknown and authenticity.
Travel where others don’t travel… What a privilege to visit a world heritage site like The Great Zimbabwe Ruins as the only one present. In Gonarezhou National Park

I was allowed to experience the   purity of one last pristine wilderness: wild life in full motion, trumpeting elephants commanding respect and curious buffalo leaving their food to admire you. A special experience.   The
Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge
more than lived up to this experience; looking out over the Save River we saw elephants, hippos and crocodiles.

Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park & Mana Pools National Park

Zimbabwe has returned. New investments provide an innovative wind in the accommodation options in the top three regions of the country.
1. Victoria Fallsis considered one of the seven wonders of the   world. Over a length of more than 1.7 kilometres, the water of the Zambezi River plunges into a narrow gorge with deafening noise.
2. Hwange National Park

is   zimbabwe’s largest and most famous park with an area of 14,600 square kilometres. Its sheer size – about half of Belgium – also means that the landscape, vegetation and wildlife vary widely, from semi-desert on the edge of the Kalahari in the south to forests, granite hills and valleys with mopane forests to the north.

3. In Mana Pools National Park

  has created the mighty Zambezi River islands, small lakes, canals and sandbanks. The abundance of water and lush greenery stand in stark contrast to the dry Kalahari in Hwange. The landscape offers the perfect conditions for hiking safaris and canoe safaris, Zimbabwe’s ultimate experiences.

Good preparation and flexibility

The above sights are often combined with highlights in the surrounding countries such as Namibia and Botswana.
Of course, a self-drive in Zimbabwe is not for everyone. This requires the necessary preparation, adventurous attitude and flexibility. For example, there are no ready-made directions at this destination. Directions must be assessed on site in the conditions of local conditions. Wild stories are circulating about endless police checks by corrupt cops. Experience shows that provided the right attitude, preparation and support from the tour operator this does not have to be an obstacle at all. During the tour of no less than 1,700 kilometers we were only stopped once for a full check-up. Keep up the smile, this is Africa.



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